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Customers feedback

Denise from New Jersey, USA

Repair of heavily damaged antique lace & embroidery tableclothes

   The amazingly talented women at Ribisli took my old tattered lace tablecloth from the Azores and restored it to its original splendour. There were over 200 tears in the lace, but with their exquisite and painstaking handiwork, they gave my family heirloom a new life. I now have a beautiful tablecloth and a piece of my past (I was born in the Azores) that I will cherish for years to come. Thank you for giving me this irreplaceable gift! I should also add that Andrea was excellent at responding to emails and she kept me informed throughout the entire process of the restoration. My tablecloth arrived lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. The women at Ribisli paid attention to these small details and handled my tablecloth with such deep respect, like it was an artefact from a museum. Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart!

Hilda from Utrecht, the Netherlands

New, trendy scarf out of damaged vintage crochet laces

  This extraordinary scarf has been given to me as a present. It is modern and old at the same time.  There are 2 different handmade vintage laces attached to both ends. I understood that there these laces were damaged, but I can just not find where they were repaired… On the top of it, their sizes needed to be adjusted to that of the scarf: one had to be brought down to a smaller width, while in case of the other one just the opposite: the original crochet pattern had to be extended. Every time I wear it, somebody will address me and tell how beautiful and stylish this scarf is. At the moment I am considering to dye it into a colour more in fashion.

Diana from Budapest

New table cloth made from old hand embroidery pieces 

  I intended to give something unique to my mother for her birthday. Then I got across an old linen tablecloth, made by her mother some 50 years ago. It was in terrible condition: the ajour borders were devastated, but the embroidery in the middle might could have been saved…perhaps by replacing it onto a new linen tablecloth, which size should also match our diner table… Despite the fact, that the task was challenging and the deadline was tight, RIBISLI has undertaken this assignment, consulted with me on every detail and made a perfect job, just on time. My mother is usually very talkative, but when she received her birthday present, she could first not say a word, she was so touched.  I can only recommend RIBISLI! Thank you one more, thanks a lot.

Mr Tom Horvath from London, UK

Renewal of antique cross-stitched  woolen Carpet

  Andrea, you have made a wonderful job, the carpet has become beautiful, just like in its earlier glory days. I pay my respect, acknowledgment and thanks to all the ladies who took care of this antique handcraft repair. Their job shows much expertise, professionalism and wide-range knowledge. And this outstanding repair work has not only been done with high devotion and exceptional skills, but also at very competitive prices. I can only recommend you, and I shall do so, anytime someone needs of old embroidery repair. You can count on me as I shall remain a retuning and happy client of yours.


Mária from Budapest

Repair of antique embroidery table linen, torn on multiple places

  Many thanks for RIBISLI for their repair work on our old family tablecloths. I'd say it has now become even more beautiful than when initially crafted.

I can truly recommend these master embroiderers  anytime a  damaged heirloom, a vintage lace linen & embroidery needs to be restored. Their needlework is a miracle that shall please everybody.

Aunt Sarolta from Budapest

New scarfs made from vintage needlework bits

  When I saw some RIBISLI work at my friend’s house, I felt immediately urged to contact them. We have a family’ treasure box’ full with small pieces of old embroidery and laces that I wanted to give a  revival.   

After Andrea had carefully examined these vintage bits and pieces, we discussed all the possible options. Thanks to RIBISLI, marvellous new linens (tablecloths and scarfs) were born out of this eclectic mix of antique needlework.

Their repair & recycling service manifests professional craftsmanship, it is completely customized and unmatched.    I can only recommend RIBISLI to everyone!

Aunt Ági from Veszprém

Remake of damaged old embroidery tablecloth

  I was delighted by the embroidery masters, or better to say embroidery artists of RIBISLI how they have reproduced an 80 year old table linen, made by my mother and grandmother. It must have been a tough job: to copy the original pattern, to find the most matching colour and quality of embroidery yarns and not to forget, to meet the deadline. The one thing RIBISLI could not do: clumsy, childish stitches, because what they have created with love and patience, is simply perfect.

My mother is touched by al the memories that are now recalled just by using this new linen as our table decoration in our living room. Thanks to Anikó, Andrea and the RIBISLI team!

Mrs Judith Nádor from London

Saving of heavily damaged antique laces

  I would like to express the RIBISLI ladies my gratitude for all that fantastic work they have done to save the laces my mother has crocheted some 50 -80 years ago. These lace table linens have regained their original beauty: it is simply not possible to spot the places of repair and the original patterns have all been successfully reproduced. It must have been a tremendously demanding job as these patterns were pretty complex, for which I just appreciate RIBISLI needlework even more.

I can only say many thanks: they have not only made fine crochet laces, but also delivered them duly on time, properly washed and ironed. I do not hesitate to recommend RIBISLI to anyone seeking repair for damaged vintage laces.  And I shall definitely return as a client.

Mrs Lipcsei, wife of the Hungarian ambassador in the Hague

New home linen with folklore hand embroidery

  A tea towel with hand embroidered Hungarian folklore  pattern, has appealed to me on a Hungarian national fair in the Netherlands, in 2012. The beauty of its needlecraft was so remarkable, it was by far one of the best embroideries on the market. I initiated some talk with Andrea, the founder of RIBISLI, and she has introduced her social business to me.

This was the moment that I have decided to order new home linen with authentic old embroidery patterns to refurbish the residency of the Hungarian Embassy in the Hague. My only wish was to have a design that shall reinforce the harmony of the old furniture, carpets and porcelains in this room. This handmade RIBISLI embroidery master work immediately captures the attention of both our Hungarian and foreign guests, the moment they enter the residency. My thanks go out to all the RIBISLI ladies who have contributed to the birth of this wonderful collection.

Operetta – exclusive piano linen assortment for Japan

  Operetta is our promising partnership in Japan.  RIBISLI has designed prestigious fine linen piano veils with handcrafted lace and embroidery along the ideas of our stockist in Japan. Though all patterns form part of the Hungarian cultural heritage, some details were added and the colours have been altered to suit the Japanese taste in particular.

As Mrs Miyuki puts: “ We are "Operetta"  that is a company introducing Hungary's traditional products to Japan.  RIBISLI great works are amazing, and will bring new experience to Japanese people."

eNJé Master Chocolate & RIBISLI Lace collection

  eNJé  confectionary is known for its limited edition, exquisite chocolate collections. This charming internet webshop of Judit Nagy offers individually numbered, extraordinary chocolate master bonbons that are inspired by music, poems, colours, patterns and scents. Each one of her bonbons is developed according to the special requirements of her exclusive clientele to provoke a certain emotional impact.

The RIBISLI lacy stars have appealed to her so much that she named her latest chocolate collection “Refraction”, referring to the magic light play, one can witness when this satin crocheted star is placed in the sunshine. The delicious bonbons are presented in a lovely case which also includes one of  our luxury linen lace stars. Lace & Chocolate: both are fine, heart-warming handcrafts....

Mrs. Károlyi from Budapest, Hungary

Repair of vintage linen

  Many thanks for the repair of my vintage table linen. The one with the hart pattern embroidery has been restored beautifully:  the repair is hardly to be traced back while the hole, that was as large as my palm, has completely disappeared. Simply unbelievable!

I am also very happy that I have given you the antique, hemstitched serviettes that used to belong to my grandmother. You succeeded in converting them into wonderful tableclothes that I find extraordinary. The newly added  fine hand embroidery makes this table linen elegant, contemporary and very pretty.

Dóra, Budapest, Hungary

New table linen – custom hand embroidery

  I did order a custom made table cloth as a Christmas present for my mother. Initially I did not have a clear idea what it should be like. All I knew was that I would prefer a fine table linen with some Hungarian pattern that also looks modern and matches the colors of my mother’s kitchen. I have received exactly what I was looking for.  I asked RIBISLI for help and enjoyed every minute of our joint design process: be it the selection of the right fabrics, colors, motives or the most suitable embroidery stitches.

When I first held the embroidery in my hand, I was convinced that my mother would like it. And so it was. She just loves it every minute she spends in the kitchen.

(Click on the left photo to see more pictures.)

Mrs. Smith Neelen from Seattle and Eindhoven

Repair of vintage lace tableclothes

  I had a family heirloom hand crocheted lace table cloth made by my grandmother over 50 years ago.  This was a true labour of love for her, done in an intricate pattern and quite large.  It had seen better days, there were small tears everywhere, one corner was completely torn and it was yellowed with old wine stains.  I thought I would have to toss it until I came across Ribisli and thought I would take a chance that they could repair and clean it.  It only took a few weeks and when I got it back I was stunned.  It was like new.   A truly miraculous job!   And for a reasonable price considering everything they needed to do.  Do not hesitate to trust RIBISLI to work a little miracle for your project.

Zsuzsa from Budapest, Hungary

Hemp towel as wedding present

The handcrafted hemp bath towels did appeal to me already earlier on the website of RIBISLI and since I am invited to weddings this summer and my mother’s birthday is also approaching,  I have ordered them. 

It was difficult for me to imagine what a knitted hemp towel is like since I had never seen anything similar. Well, it has a very exciting, flexible texture and the pattern of knitting makes it even more interesting. The handcrafted, crocheted lace borders in turn do represent real art work.  I can particularly appreciate this lace, since I myself have learnt crochet last year, but could not make such fine masterpiece.

Congratulations to RIBISLI with its efforts to keep the tradition of needlecraft alive and get for women with such knowledge more social acknowledgement!

Agnes from Ipswich, USA

Hemp tea towel with pomegranate embroidery:

  I had to hold one of these beautifully handcrafted kitchen towels in my hand to understand the clean and honest touch of the hemp, to see how the delicate stiches come together and become one common symbol of the Hungarian cultural heritage. I would love to be able to use it one day, you know, drying dishes and all, but for a while I'd like just to look at it and remember.

Thank your Ribisli for this precious gift!

Mrs Moorsel from Bathmen, the Netherlands

Repair of lace blouse

 I had been looking for someone to repair my lace blouse for a long time, because it got damaged due to inappropriate cleaning. Initially it was not an expensive blouse, but it has become rather dear to me over time. I was desperate to get it repaired. I am totally astonished by the result: what a fantastic needlework! My lace blouse is shining in its original glory. The lace has been beautifully repaired. I am unbelievably pleased! There seems to be no one in Holland whose repair skills would be close to that of the Hungarian RIBISLI ladies, at least I could not find anyone on the Dutch internet. Warm greetings and once again, many thanks for your efforts!

Mr. Suys from Wattripont, Belgium

Curtain - custom hand embroidery 

   I was looking for a day curtain, for a larger window in our living room, to temper the direct sunlight. The appearance of the curtain I wanted to of fine maze, discrete and without any dominant color or texture. I received several proposals and I picked an ancient Hungarian motive that was hand stitched in three pastel tints. The motive is repeated over the curtain in the six segments of the window. When I opened the parcel, I had a very good first impression. It immediately showed that the curtain was delicately finished. The soft tint of the textile was also exactly what I desired it to be. I have had very good experiences with Ribisli so far, most certainly more orders are to follow.

(Click on the left photo to see more pictures.)

Mrs. Benedict from Utrecht, the Netherlands:

Hemp towel & lace:  

   I have bought it as a present for my mother.

“What a graceful handcraft! It is pure and beautiful. I thought such quality does not exist anymore…  –she said.

Annemarie from Bussum, Nederland

Hemp tea towel with pomegranate embroidery:  

 It was the original color that has appealed to me first. It fits so nicely into my interior. And of course the Hungarian pattern…. I love so much!

Dhr. Suys uit Wattripont, België

 Lace border for an antic lamp - custom crochet

I ordered a piece of lace, dimension 30 by 3,5 inch, to be fitted around the edge of an old lamp. It was meant as a replacement for the original that had gone lost long ago and about which I had no clue at all. My desire was that the lacework should be fitted tight and hangs straight down, without any folds and should have a color & pattern which bring the beauty of the lamp out even more. The lace was crocheted from satin yarn. The order was processed and delivered expediently. The piece is decorative, has the perfect size and the proper hue.


Aunt Zsuzska from Budapest

Repair of an extraordinary, with copper-yarn crocheted, 100 year old lace linen

   Please accept my thanks for the magically restored copper lace tablecloths! I am very grateful to you. My grandmother has made this unique and very heavy needlework in Kolozsvár, in Transylvania, at the end of the century. And my special gratitude also to those talented and blessed hands, which have saved this family heirloom for me.